North of Parkway (Backcountry)

North of Parkway refers to the area north of the Merritt parkway in the town of Greenwich.  Also called the backcountry, the area offers large luxury properties in a beautiful countryside settings.  Many of the homes sit on four-acres.  You’ll find several rivers, lakes and ponds as well as park-like land all less than 35 miles from =have four-acre zoning.  There is also extensive open space which has been preserved by the efforts of the Greenwich Land Trust and other conservation groups.  There are numerous rivers, lakes and ponds in the area as well as iparks including the Audubon Society.  Conyers Farm, an equestrian-oriented enclave, is the home of the internationally known Greenwich Polo Club. The backcountry of Greenwich offers a truly unique locale, a pastoral haven less than 35 miles from Manhattan..  Downtown greenwich is 12  to 15 minute drive.