The following documents are required to rent a home in Connecticut:


Connecticut law requires that real estate agents have a signed tenant
representation agreement before showing homes.

During the search process, the Tenant’s agent:

  • Arranges property showings that meet the tenant’s needs.
  • Provides information that the tenant requests about the property, community or refers the tenant to appropriate information sources.
  • Discloses any material facts about the property of which the agent has knowledge.

As the Tenant’s agent, my responsibilities to the tenant are undivided loyalty, obedience, diligence, disclosure, confidentiality, accounting, and reasonable skill and care.

All duties are fiduciary — they are owed exclusively to the tenant – NOT to the landlord.


Agents must disclose which party they represent in a transaction:

Buyer Agency (Buyer/Lessee/Tenant)
Me=Tenant’s Agent

Seller Agency (Seller/Lessor/Landlord)
Landlord’s Agent

Dual Agency
Agent represents both the landlord & tenant. Does not apply.

Rental Application Form

Complete the rental application form and and attach a copy of driver license and two paycheck stubs.

Credit Report & Background Check


You will receive an email from Follow the link to purchase a credit report and background check. The cost is $28.50. Once purchased, you can view your tenant screening background check and share it with your agent. The credit check is considered a “soft inquiry” on your credit history and doesn’t impact your credit score in any way.

Offer to Lease

Your agent will:

• Counsel the tenant on what price to offer the landlord.
• Show what other tenants are paying for similar units in the area.
• Assist in writing the Offer to Lease with the tenant’s interest in mind.
• Negotiate the best price and terms for the tenant.

The first month’s rent will be required when the Offer to Lease is submitted to the landlord’s agent.

A security deposit will be due upon the signing of the lease. For tenants under age 62, a landlord can ask for a maximum of two months of rent as the security deposit.